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Is it safe to wear jewelry during this pandemic of Covid-19 virus?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Before the worldwide pandemic situation, we recommended regular cleaning of your jewelry using warm water, dishwash soap and a toothbrush. Click here to review it.

We are already expert into maintaining a good personal hygiene, and good environmental hygiene. You can find these tips on this page.

One of the reasons health-care workers don’t wear rings or bracelets in sanitized environments is because germs can get onto them. Although there’s no research pertaining to whether the virus that causes COVID-19 could potentially stay stuck on hand jewelry, it’s worth considering.

To minimize the risk of contracting and spreading Covid-19, these measures are important to safeguard yourself, your family and friends. You will start washing frequently your hands, try to clean your shoes when you enter back home, separate your clothes that you wore outside, But what about jewelry?

During these days, you will still go out to work, do grocery and run errands, and it doesn’t mean you cannot wear any jewelries. They are parts of your identity, your style and they should also need the care you take with your personal hygiene.

To keep your jewelry away of possible spreading of the virus, you can wash them while you wash your hands. Of course, the hand wash product might have some parts of hand cream, that will make your gems look dull after it. At that time, you can take them off and clean them with a toothbrush with dish-wash soap, this last one will remove all the oily and dirt while scrubbing the inside of the ring.

Here is the important point we need to take care as well!

Each gemstone has their own properties against external agents, if you use alcohol sprays or gels, these are the best to clear the dirt from your diamond jewelry as it repels oily leftovers. Be careful when use these while you wear sapphire, ruby, emerald or other gemstones that might have inclusions and those might affect them.

Note that emeralds and pearls should never be put into any kind of solution, which are too abrasive for these two soft stones; avoid bristles with these, too. Let a pro handle them or simply use a gentle, damp cloth.

Since some of you might be staying at home more frequently, it is also a good time to clean your jewelry. If the dirt is too persistent, you can always let it done by Eluxilux Jewelry as we provide a cleaning service to keep your jewelry shiny and in good condition, ready to be wear when the time comes!

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