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Maintenance Tips

Daily care:
  • Apply skin cream, cosmetics, hair gel and perfume before your Eluxilux Jewels.

  • After removing the jewelry, use a soft, clean cloth to remove oil and perspiration.

  • The jewelry is stored in a fabric box, and different jewelry rooms are separated by paper towels to prevent scratches.

  • Do not wear jewelry when doing physical activities such as housework or sports.

  • Do not put jewelry together with household cleaning products.

  • Do not put jewelry near the pool chlorinated detergent or hot water pipe.



Cleaning tips:

  • How to clean my diamond-studded gold jewelry with mild soapy water?

  1.  Dip your jewelry in a bowl of warm water, add dish soap and kitchen salt or soda.

  2. Wipe with a soft toothbrush and rinse with water.

  3. Wipe the jewelry with a soft, fiber-free cloth.

  4. Do not use paper towels as they may scratch your jewelry.

  • Cleaning in a safe place, there may be dangers of accidentally losing jewelry in some places.

  • Use only soft brushes. Never use sharp or hard objects to remove dust.

  • Clean jewelry frequently, but be aware that lotions, emollients, etc. can affect the optical properties of diamonds and gemstones, making them dull.

  • Jewelry with a higher degree of contamination can be returned to the store for professional cleaning.

  • Do not expose pearl jewelry to chemicals or solvents. Each piece of pearl jewelry must be stored separately in a soft bag.

  • Do not expose colored stones to chemicals, solvents or ultrasound until you know the exact cleaning conditions.


Tips for extending the life of your Eluxilux Jewel:

  • Return to the store regularly to ask professionals to check if your jewelry is damaged or not, and if the metal claws are loose and other conditions, at least once a year.

  • To maintain the original state of the jewelry, re-plating the platinum, re-polishing and re-polishing the metal claws (usually once every 2-3 years).

  • Check frequently and re-connect the string of pearls that you often wear when necessary. A knot is required between the two pearls to avoid losing the pearl when the rope is accidentally broken.

  • Some colored stones should not be subjected to severe temperature changes. Please follow the advice of jewelry experts to maintain your jewelry.

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