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elux Ilux
share your love

LUX, the Light of Love. The meaning of being together, the sparkle that brings Light to Your Lives.

Share and commit to the brightness of Love that brings people together today and beyond.


Engagement rings

Love is a bond with Time.

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Wedding ring

Engrave the voice of Love into the ring, Getting along harmoniously.

elux ilux
express your love

ELUXILUX designers will communicate directly with you, tailor-made according to your needs and preferences, and even work with you to design a jewelry filled with emotion and warmth. This will be a wonderful experience and journey of creation.

Engagement rings


Your ring

Express your own desires, dreams, be just yourself.


Custom Designed Jewelry

Design yours, Truly with Love

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About Elux Ilux Jewelry

It's the story of an Antwerp Diamantaire and a Jewelry Lover that knotted their destiny into designing and giving Memories, Life.

Daily life brings us special Moments that we want to cherish and these can now be materialized into a jewel that you can wear everyday, anywhere.

Elux ilux is the Sparkle of Life that sheer your jewel!

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